Don’t Neglect Your Core (Not a Fitness Post!)

There is a considerable level of sensitivity about imagery and messaging when it comes to marketing. The result can be a grey gloop of imagery and straplines.

The undoubted truth about marketing is what you are offering needs to resonate with the target audience, so if that audience happens to be 18-21 and into drill music then the delivery channel, messaging and creative execution needs to appeal to them. Likewise, if the targets are 45-50-year-old males who are members of the National Trust then the execution needs to appeal to them.

This seems pretty obvious but the fear of upsetting a slice of a non-core audience is pushing some creativity into a kind of inoffensive mush of grey. This of course will not appeal or grab the attention of the target audience.

Marketing has always involved a degree of risk taking – if we don’t take risks creativity will be compromised….and so will effectiveness.

Steve Bedford, Conical MD