The Spark | June 2019

Time to use marketing skills
to aid recruitment

Even where recruitment agencies are being used, they are not always able to deliver people to an organisation.

Recruitment is about marketing your firm to quality new hires and articulating reasons as to why they should join you rather than the competition.

We help firms build their profile to better attract quality personnel either through in-bound enquiries or working in partnership with in-house talent teams or external agencies. Typically we can help improve effectiveness and in some instances reduce overall recruitment costs.

We do this by looking at the recruitment part of the business web site and how the firm segments its offering to different employee types, look at the ‘tone of voice’ of any recruitment campaigns (‘we welcome application from suitably qualified applicants no longer cuts it!'), review and manage advertising campaigns across different media.

In a competitive recruitment market place businesses have to work much harder to get the best people. Marketing skills can be deployed to good effect. A failure to deliver in this area can dramatically limit the growth potential of a business.

Digital doctor

Social Media doesn’t belong to you.
It belongs to your audience.

The clue to social media is in its name. It’s a channel that allows you to be social with your audience; but more importantly, it’s a platform that empowers your audience to ignore you.

As a brand, social media can often ...

Design matters


Design inspiration is often the spark that ignites a campaign.

When we're inspired we produce our best work. Here we take a regular look at designs and concepts that have resonated with us.

Why the wheelchair symbol should be rethought to include "invisible disabilities"

Conical people


We are happy to announce that
Jo Nelson has transitioned from Account Manager to Account Director. Jo initally joined us from
the retailer Coast where she had responsibility for a global portfolio
of operations. We also (rather belatedly) welcome Matt Simpson-Dunn as an Account Executive.

Sadly Liz Moyle will be leaving us at the end of June to pursue a role volunteering in the charity sector.
We wish her every success and thank her for everything she has done for us.