Social Media doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to your audience | The Digital Doctor

The clue to Social Media is in its name. It’s a channel that allows you to be social with your audience; but more importantly, it’s a platform that empowers your audience to ignore you.

As a brand, Social Media can often feel incredibly one sided – you’re putting all the effort into creating content, yet it doesn’t get you the engagement you think it deserves. But you keep putting the content out there hoping something sticks.

This is a classic example of a brand that’s trapped believing that social media belongs to them. In reality, it is your audience that defines what your Social Media is.

Look back at your Social Media statistics and see which of your updates have garnered the most engagements. In professional services, these will often be ‘value added’ articles that provide relevant advice or thought leadership in a creative way. Sometimes updates that allow your audience to provide their opinion of viewpoint are most successful.

Now look at your least successful updates. Often this is human interest, or content only relevant to employees of your organisation.

To get out of this social media despair, remember: Social Media doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to your audience.


About the Author:

Dr Steven Dumbleton is Head of Digital Marketing at Conical.