Why Law Firms need marketers who understand their industry.

Many law firms struggle to effectively use the marketing tools available to them. A mix of self-styled digital gurus and business to consumer thinking has left professionals in the legal sector with a confused approach to their marketing. Conical are experts in the legal sector with over 20 years of experience growing busy law firms.

Conical offer fully integrated approaches to marketing law firms, using the tools we know will be most effective for your business.

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Law firms are most definitely not a one size fits all when it comes to marketing strategy. Some firms are highly niche in what they do, others aim at high net-worth groups for a bespoke style of private client work,  others may be purely commercial, others may offer a wide range of services to a wide (yet local) audience.

Defining your target audience is an important factor in law firm marketing and will influence all your marketing activities.

The Conical team regularly deliver workshops on marketing strategy, most recently at LegalEx London Legal Marketing Summit.


Branding is important. How it is communicated, the look, the feel, even the emotion in a brand can be critical when it comes to attracting new customers and retaining existing clients.

A tired brand can put people off your law firm. Not just customers, but stakeholders and even potential employees.

Read more about how conical helped this regional firm achieve branding success.


From Search engines to Social media and everything in between. Law firms should be utilising the digital landscape to attract and retain clients and staff.

Digital marketing is an important bit of kit in any law firms marketing toolbox. But it is not the only bit of kit and is best used in conjunction with all the tools you have available.

Conical will demystify the jargon surrounding digital marketing and create an integrated strategy to help your law firm thrive.


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