Is The Pen Mightier Than The Sword?

It’s safe to say, as a digital marketing firm, what a professional services firm does online matters. Whether that’s website optimisation, digital communications or even engaging content, what a firm does on their computer screen could be the difference between success and failure.

However, in the rush for a digital first mindset, should the process of hand writing and posting a letter to clients be archived to the histor-ebooks?

One man, Alexander Rike, turned a simple start-up into a tech company worth $1bn. And he achieved this by sending a few handwritten letters.

For some, this may seem a little daunting. Especially as pens are yet to be equipped with auto-correct technology. But it has been proven that a handwritten letter is more likely to be read to completion than an email with garish graphics and fancy fonts.

Speaking to BBC News, Alexander Rike said;

“We knew if we sent an email it could just be deleted,”.

“And if we sent out typed letters then their secretaries would open them, and bin them as junk mail”.

“But with a handwritten note, it seems more personal, it could have been a letter from a family member, or a friend.”

Of course, digital communications are vital for any business. Offering the convenience of an info blast at the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. But the sincerity of a tactile piece of paper still holds power when it comes to attracting new clients, whilst adding a personal touch with existing ones.