The Super Seven Professional Services Marketing Tips

Ok this is a bit of fun. But what are the ‘Super Seven’ factors of good professional services marketing ? How about these.

1. Define your market, identify niches and stick to them.

2. Be willing to say no. Don’t try and serve everyone.

3. Thought leadership. This is a knowledge driven sector after all.

4. Relationship marketing and selling. Shake the contacts tree and make more. People often buy people in this sector – unless you are big don’t hide behind the concept of a brand.

5. Marketing needs leadership. Committees are great for idea sharing but remember a meeting is not an action in itself and if not well managed can achieve very little.

6. Creativity. Not just in design but in all things. CSR to Social Media through to events. Marketing needs some ‘magic dust’ and be prepared to fail sometimes.

7. Now the big one – client care. Reputation and referral of both an organisation and an individual are key when it comes to new business generation and are fueled by satisfied clients.