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Social Media Content Creation: Tips for success

Are you getting stuck knowing what short form social media content you should and shouldn't create? Then follow this simple guide for creating your social media content. Remember, if you wouldn’t find the post interesting yourself, don’t share it or write it.

Curated vs. Created content

There are two main social media content types: Curated and Created.

Curated content are posts containing links, or images from a source external to your organisation. On these posts you provide commentary. As a rough guide, provide two to three sentences of commentary or 100 characters for a tweet when posting.

Created content are posts created internally in your organisation; i.e. by you. As a rough guide aim for 300 to 1000 words of commentary or hit your tweet character limit.

Overall, you should be aiming to have one created post for every 5 curated posts.

The Four Types of Social Media Content

There are four main post types, each post type should answer a follower’s specific question as below. Aim for a diverse selection of all four.

  1. Information post: What happened? Example – Facebook to update trending topics (BBC)
  2. Analysis post: What does it mean? Example – British plugs are better than all other plugs, and here's why (Tom Scott)
  3. Assistance post: How can I do that? Example – 7 Quick ways to calm down when you're overwhelmed (Lifehack)
  4. Entertainment post: What on earth? Example – The 17 most amazing epic places on earth (Huffington Post)

Use images and video where possible

All posts should contain at least one engaging image or video. Images and video grab the attention of your followers and are more likely to engage them with your post and ultimately your brand.

Social Media Content

An image like this perhaps?

Organize your posts

When writing a post think, could this be bullet points? Could this be in a list? This makes the post more accessible and quicker to read, ultimately engaging more followers.

Post frequently

Maximize your exposure by posting at least 1-3 times a day. Remember, most of this can be curated content.

Distribute posts

Post at different times of the day on different days. Do not have a strict time schedule. You can always schedule posts or allow more than one employee to post.

Don’t ask for shares, likes, retweets or follows


Find Engaging Content

It may be daunting to have to find content to post frequently. Try the resources below. Pick a relevant article, write a small commentary, then share it.

  • Alltop is a social media content aggregation website. It displays popular stories being shared in real time. Try writing some commentary on a story from here.
  • Google Scholar is a great resource for academic studies. Try finding a relevant study to your industry and writing commentary on it.
  • LinkedIn is great to post to, but you can also use LinkedIn Pulse to find articles to write responses to or to see what is trending.
  • Facebook Trending is a great resource for finding entertaining topics. Monitor it to see if anything relevant comes up that you can share.
  • You can also use your preferred news partner (BBC, Times, etc) and provide commentary on any relevant news or stories.