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Law Firm Marketing: 3 tips for success

Perhaps you are new to law firm marketing? Perhaps you have had some experience marketing in the past, but don’t know where to start? Either way, this guide will show you three things you should consider before you spend any of your budget! Follow our tips below and you will be on the path to growing your law firm.


Get the right website for your law firm


websites for law firm marketing

It may be tempting to hire a web designer, select colours and look at other lawyer’s websites to make decisions on how your website should look. While this was and is still common practice, it is often the first wrong step people make.

Websites for lawyers can be complex and need to fulfill a variety of functions. These need to be addressed in a thoughtful way to get the most from your online presence.

Consider a website as a way of answering questions. A user will go to a search engine and type a question. Perhaps they will ask for a divorce lawyer close to them, or even ask what the difference is between a lawyer and a solicitor. Your website should seek to effectively and efficiently answer the users question. While it may appear like the asking of a question is a metaphor, the release of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm confirmed that question answering is the gold standard of website usability.

Try writing a list of potential questions that your clients might ask, then consider ways in which your website could answer them. It may be as simple as putting your phone number at the top of each page to answer requests for contact details. It could be something more in depth such as a blog post to answer a client’s questions about legal considerations of starting an international business.

Once you have this list of questions and ideas of how you would answer them, It’s time to consider how your website should look and what pages your website will need. At this point you may find it helpful to discuss your requirements with a law firm marketing outsource agency.


Using the internet to market your law firm


law firm internet marketing

There is no mistaking that digital marketing has been an important development for lawyers and solicitors. Many clients will find your services through a search engine, or use your website to confirm you provide the services they require. But it doesn’t stop with websites.

Linkedin continues to be the go to platform for professionals and is widely populated by solicitors and lawyers. A simple presence is not enough; content needs to be generated, groups need to be joined and contacts sought to make the most of social media. It is a reasonable platform for helping to achieve an enhanced perception as a thought leader. Do not think of social media as the end of the strategy. It’s all well and good achieving the sought after 500+ connections on LinkedIn, but if your strategy does not include a way to bring some of these connections through the door and onto the client sheet, the social media efforts were futile.

The internet offers other options for lawyers. Pay per click (PPC) and display advertising are effective law firm marketing tools for driving traffic to your website. There are numerous tools you can use to analyse and monitor the effectiveness of these channels, but if you are struggling It’s best to get an expert to help run them.



Get the most from your law firm marketing budget


law firm marketing budget

From branding, advertising, content marketing and everything in between, how do you make sure you stick within budget?

It’s all in the strategic planning. There are a number of tools that marketers use such as S.W.O.T analysis to formulate a strategy. Once formulated you can think about what you are equipped to do in house, any networking events you could attend, or even charitable causes you could sponsor. There may be areas that you need more help with and an effective use of your budget is to outsource this to some marketing experts such as Conical.


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